Considerate or Entitled? The Difference is in Two Words

Can you guess the two most important words to include in a social exchange that involves a service or sacrifice?

Yes, it’s the ever-familiar, almost-take-for-granted “Thank You.”

While this isn’t a new or far-fetched idea, these words are often forgotten. Sometimes they are tacked on at the end of an exchange without lead-in or sincerity.

Carefully crafting our gratitude can do wonders to communicate respectability, poise, and connection.

Vocalize Your Appreciation

Said with a smile, sincerity, and eye contact, these words let people know that they are appreciated. And after devoting time, energy or effort, receiving gratitude is what encourages us to continue giving of ourselves.

If we feel unappreciated or taken for granted, we tend to shut down. Our creativity suffers. Our compassion suffers. These two words have such power!

Still Mighty, That Pen

When written in a physical note, the words “Thank You” not only make people feel appreciated but also that they are important. Whether or not the words in your note were particularly artistic, you took the time to recognize their kindness.

Some thank you notes or letters are obligatory elements of occasions such as bridal or baby showers, weddings, housewarming parties, etc. The gift recipient should respond with notes no more than six weeks after the event. The same holds true for birthday gifts, graduation gifts, special invitations (such as attending a fancy event as a guest), or extended hospitality (such as staying as a guest in someone’s home).

It can be easy to forget these kinds of tasks, so write your notes as soon as you can so they are not forgotten!

And remember—these two words have the power to influence others’ opinion about themselves. Manners matter!

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