Sterling Academy of Etiquette hosts standard and customized etiquette classes that cultivate confidence and excellence in social and business environments.

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Find or host a class in the Inland Empire of Southern California!

Children who learn the importance of civility and the skills of etiquette early on have shown a greater potential to achieve their life’s goals.

Proper etiquette education has also been shown to decrease bullying, strengthen relationships, and improve social performance.

Do manners matter? We think so.

Courtesy is a worldwide language, and etiquette is the passport to a world of opportunities. Sterling Academy of Etiquette seeks to provide the tools to build Godly character with essential manners and social respect. This will develop confidence and healthy self-esteem, as well as discipline and leadership skills.

The importance of a moral, ethical character is upheld in each of Sterling Academy’s classes. Students will emerge with more than just excellent table manners and conversational skills. Each program aims to bring out the best in everyone, and to help each person make the most of social experiences.

See for yourself how Sterling Academy can bring out the best in you or your child. Find a class near you, or host one yourself!

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